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Stephen A. McAllister

Rev. Dr. Stephen A. McAllister is the founder of Spirit Renewal Ministries, which is devoted to transforming lives and renewing communities. He is a minister with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies of Canada and has served as a minister of the United Church of Canada. Stephen is a graduate of the Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry program at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He lives in Toronto.

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What God Has Promised You

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times — Reflections for Individual and Group Study from Paul’s Epistle to the Romans
Stephen A. McAllister


“As a result of this book, I am more passionate about knowing God than ever before. This book has transformed my life!”
— A.M. Moulton, Progress Church of God, Toronto

IF THERE’S ANYTHING WE NEED in today’s exciting but challenging times, it’s a sense of certainty regarding God’s love and care for us. As Stephen McAllister shows in this practical and powerful new book, the Epistle to the Romans in the New Testament is full of God’s promises to us, including:

  • Place your trust in God and God will direct your path.
  • God will be with you in all circumstances.
  • God will give you new and abundant life in Christ.
  • God will restore your life through the Holy Spirit.
  • The revealed glory will exceed your present sufferings.

As this book shows, God’s promises are as resonant and life-giving today as when the Apostle Paul first wrote about them to the church in Rome nearly 2000 years ago. Each chapter of this exciting new book dwells on a promise, guiding the reader with questions for reflection, the theological context of the promise, and a meditation on the promise. Seek God’s will for your life, because God’s promises are true, forever and ever!

What God Has Promised You Book Cover

$16.95 CAD / $15.95 USD / £9.95 GBP

174 pages

ISBN 978-1-926645-08-7

Available now from: (U.S.) (Canada) (UK)