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Kathleen Gibson has written for media worldwide and is former editor of Prairies North, Saskatchewan’s magazine for good prairie living.

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West Nile Diary

One Couple’s Triumph Over a Deadly DiseaseKathleen Gibson


BEFORE THE MOSQUITO BITE, Rick Gibson was an active pastor, a supportive husband, and a doting grandfather.

After the bite, diagnosed with West Nile neurological disease, he was a hospital patient in the grip of relentless pain, forced to relearn the body’s most basic tasks: how to roll over, sit up, stand, walk, and even how to think.

Now, in West Nile Diary, his wife, Kathleen, recalls how the two of them battled the disease together, armed with Scripture, prayer, love, humor, and loads of determination. It is a story not only of their growth as a couple, but also of their entry into a whole new ministry to those facing their own health and spiritual crises.

West Nile Diary will make you laugh, cry, and resolve never to park in a handicapped parking spot again.

“Entertaining, deeply moving, and immensely helpful.”
– Phil Callaway, author of Honey, I Dunked the Kids

“Absorbing, well written, and full of the spiritual resources of hope.”
 Dr. Maxine Hancock, Professor of Spiritual Theology, Regent College

“Vivid, accurate, and full of detail and pathos. A good read from start to finish.”
– Dickson Despommier, author of West Nile Story

$19.95 CAD / $19.95 USD / £12.95 GBP

184 pages

ISBN 978-1-926645-01-8

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