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Eric McLuhan and Wayne Constantineau

The late Wayne Constantineau was a mime and scholar who left behind him, at his death in 2006, his studies on mime and the insights of Marshall McLuhan.

Eric McLuhan, who is bringing these studies to fruition in The Human Equation Toolkit, is also the author of Laws of Media(written with Marshall McLuhan), Electric Language, and The Role of Thunder in Finnegans Wake. He is also the editor of several collections of his father’s work. Visit Eric McLuhan’s site.

The Science of Investigation

Working with Equations — Book 2 The Human Equation Toolkit
Eric McLuhan and Wayne Constantineau
Illustrator: Heidi Overhill


The second of four books in a groundbreaking new series, The Human Equation Toolkit.

“We are very lucky indeed that Eric McLuhan and Wayne Constantineau are carrying on the McLuhan tradition of fearless investigation into territories that yield extraordinary insight. Strange and fascinating works.” —Douglas Coupland

In Book 1 of The Human Equation series, mime Wayne Constantineau and scholar Eric McLuhan explore the four positions of humans—standing, lying down, sitting, and kneeling—as the basis of all developments in culture, science, activity, and media. Now, in Book 2 of the series, they “do the math,” giving us a generic equation for reconciling pairs of opposites by emphasizing differences, and for unifying diverse elements by stressing sameness—creating a tool for investigating and transcending human development.

The Science of investigation

$15.00 CAD / $15.00 USD / £9.95 GBP

104 pages

ISBN 978-1-926645-34-6

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