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Syd and Ellen Kessler

Syd and Ellen Kessler live in Toronto, where Syd, a renowned advertising executive and the author of The Perfect System, is an investor and mentor in new businesses and Ellen is an elementary-school science teacher.

The Perfect System of Parenting

Syd and Ellen Kessler
Foreword by Jacob and Issac Kessler


The Perfect System of Parenting opens up a whole new world of possibilities for parenting children. It’s rare to find a book that offers real, pragmatic solutions for parent-child challenges. This one does.”
– Howard Irving, Ph.D., author of Therapeutic Family Mediation

Don’t worry  the Kesslers know that parents aren’t perfect. But they do believe that imperfect parents can raise their children on the foundation of a perfect system: the laws of nature, in particular the principle of causality – that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. The Kesslers show parents practical ways to teach their kids – from infancy to young adulthood – that negative actions cause negative results, and positive actions cause positive results, equipping them for happy and fulfilling lives at home and beyond.

They also show parents how to avoid “the love ambush” – the “you don’t love me anymore” line used by
children – by letting their children know their role is not to receive love from them but to keep them safe.

$14.95 USD / £9.95 GBP

132 pages

ISBN 9780978440275

Available now from: (U.S.) (UK)