CATHERINE HAWLEY is an entrepreneur and freelance writer who lives in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, with her faithful dog Jessie. She is working on her next book, about parents’, children’s, and health care professionals’ experiences of adverse effects in health care.

The Fight of Our Life: A True Story of Crisis, Hope, and Love

Catherine Hawley

It was a virtual death sentence.
The resident at the hospital had just said, “We are recommending Bill be sent to a nursing home. He has some cognitive issues and is unlikely to benefit from rehabilitation.”
Complications had set in ten days after successful brain surgery. Fewer than four weeks later, still unable to clearly define the cause, the medical team had reached its decision. They were giving up on him.
My husband was fifty-six years old. It was my unshakeable belief that their decision was both wrong and premature. We had everything at stake. Suddenly I was fighting for his life. Our life.
How the hell did we get to this?

The Fight of Our Life is Catherine Hawley’s dramatic, no-holds-barred account of her battles with the health care system to attain rehabilitation and a higher quality of life for her husband — at home — allowing them more years of their special life together. It is a soaring love story and a sobering patient beware story — a dramatic, engaging read with clear warnings of how readers should prepare for medical struggles ahead.

“Touching and terrifying — a story of what ‘in sickness and in health till death us do part’ means in the context of a health care system that does not always heal and care.”
SUSAN McIVER, PhD, author of Medical Nightmares: The Human Face of Errors and former professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

The Fight of Our Life is not only a riveting good read, it is an opportunity to save a life by arming yourself with the lessons the author learned in navigating the health care maze.”
STEVE HARDEN, author of Never Go to the Hospital Alone and Chairman and CEO of LIfeWings Partners LLC

“This deeply engaging journey — full of love, knowing, and struggle — calls for a revolution in health care.”
MARYANNE BROWN, RN, BScN, MSc, Advanced Practice Nurse

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268 pages

ISBN 978-1-927483-96-1

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