Tracy Smyth and Tammy Dewar

Tracy Smyth has spent fifteen years helping individuals and communities articulate and achieve their goals for better social health. She facilitated and implemented the British Columbia program Make Children First.

Tammy Dewar, through her “hands on” education in the areas of poverty, addictions, and advocacy, facilitates teams using collective, creative, and inclusive programs. The authors both live in the scenic Port Alberni area of British Columbia.

Raising the Village

How Individuals and Communities Can Work Together to Give Our Children
a Stronger Start in Life

Tracy Smyth and Tammy Dewar


IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD, but what does it take to raise a village? Authors Tracy Smyth and Tammy Dewar answer this question in concise and colorful detail by showing how the fields of early childhood work and community development can unify their concerns, expertise, and vision – and in the process create villages that develop their communities by developing their children.

Raising the Village is an ideal resource for: early childhood teachers, community developers, and child advocates; policy-makers, managers, and front-line service providers; college and university instructors and students; and workers in child care, public health, and social work.


“The missing link for community developers, policy-makers, and facilitators who want to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.”
 Shelley Worthington, Community Development Consultant

“An asset to those who are embarking on new projects as well as those struggling with the many complexities of the work.”
 Carol Munro, M.A., Organizational Development Consultant

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222 pages

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