Steve Harden

Steve Harden is a Memphis-based author, speaker, safety consultant, and airline captain. He is the founder and president of Lifewings — a team of physicians, nurses, pilots, and safety system experts that teaches health care organizations how to eliminate medical mistakes.

Never Go to the Hospital Alone

And Other Insider Secrets for Getting Mistake-Free Health Care from Your
Doctor and Hospital

Steve Harden


THIS YEAR 176,445 PATIENTS IN THE U.S. will die due to preventable errors, infections, and medication mistakes. This book explains the simple steps you must take to avoid being one of them.

Steven Harden is a former U.S. Navy TOPGUN pilot who is using the stellar safety measures of the U.S. aviation industry to help hospitals and doctors protect their patients by improving their safety results. His health care safety work has been covered by major publications and media outlets, including the New York Times, Entrepreneur magazine, and PBS NewsHour.

In Never Go to the Hospital Alone, Harden shows you how to pick a great doctor and a great hospital for yourself or your loved ones, and how to be vigilant and prevent the mistakes that plague patient care, including wrong surgeries, blood clots after operations, and inaccurate and sometimes deadly prescription errors.

This wise and practical book includes such topics as:

  • Secrets for choosing a good doctor
  • Nine questions to ask before you go to the hospital
  • Ten keys to taking charge of your health care
  • Ten secrets for a safe surgery


“Even physicians and their families should use this book to navigate through the health care maze. Never Go to the Hospital Alone guides patients and their loved ones in finding and getting the best and safest possible health care.”
— MATTHEW COOPER, M.D., Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery

$19.95 CAD / $19.95 USD / £12.95 GBP

230 pages

ISBN 978-1-926645-15-5

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