How to Hire the Perfect Employer

Finding the Job and Career That Fit You
Through a Powerful Personal Infomercial

Jim Beqaj

Following Jim’s process gives you the tools you need to reach new heights, professionally and personally.”
—ANDREW WILLIS, Brookfield Asset Management, former Globe and Mail columnist

The publication of this book … bodes well for the workforce of tomorrow.”
—TOM MILROY, Chief Executive Officer, BMO Capital Markets

“Leaders will also benefit greatly from this book … as they infer, from Jim’s clear and compelling words, how important it is for them to refine their search for the perfect employees.”
—RICHARD NESBITT, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CIBC World Markets

In words that are honest, encouraging, and invigorating, Jim Beqaj shows how you can hire the perfect employer …

By uncovering …

  • What you’re good at, based on what you love to do
  • How you’re wired, based on who you love to work with
  • Your preferred method of resolving conflicts at work

… and discovering …

  • Your Target Rich Environment™the organizations that both need you and want you

… and creating …

  • Your Personal Infomercial™—a clear, compelling statement of who you are, how you like to work, and how you can add value