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Nick Forrest

NICK FORREST founded Forrest & Company Limited in 1987, a firm that specializes in executive management coaching and organizational transformation. Before that, he spent twenty-five years in progressively senior line-management and staff roles in food manufacturing and retailing organizations in the UK and in Canada.

How Dare You Manage?

Seven Principles to Close the CEO Skill Gap

Nick Forrest

How dare you manage? These words are often on the tip of Nick Forrest’s tongue as he consults for CEOs and other senior managers. Why? Because rare is the CEO who has been taught to manage large groups of employees — indeed, to be accountable for everything, for the entire organization. Now, in this new book, Forrest explores the seven CEO management principles by which CEOs can energize all of their employees to achieve high levels of productivity and outstanding results. The principles are:

  • Create your strategy
  • Choose your organization’s functional structure
  • Level the organization
  • Define the work
  • Manage your lateral relationships
  • Build the required talent
  • Make it all happen with effective management practices

How Dare You Manage? dares you to do your best with the opportunity you always wanted by making waves, making decisions, and making sense.”
–CARMINE MARCELLO, President and CEO, Hydro One Networks Inc.

“…this book brings simplicity and clarity to the complex issues behind this challenge.”
–RONALD D. CHARLES, Special Advisor, The Caldwell Partners International

“A must read for new and older CEOs alike …”
–RICK HOWES, President and Chief Executive Officer, Dundee Precious Metals Inc.


$29.95 CAD / $29.95 USD / £18.50 GBP

226 pages

ISBN : 978-1-927483-69-5

Available now from: (U.S.) (Canada) (UK)