Jim Campbell

JIM CAMPBELL is a retired pastor and an employed writer. He lives in Oakville, Ontario. Click here to visit his blog.

Glimpses Through
the Mirror

Jim Campbell — a kinder, gentler, Andy Rooney of the North — trains his lively intelligence and dry wit on the major and minor details of modern life, including:

  • Statistics (which he is always tempted to fabricate, to see what people are willing to swallow)
  • Big-city commutes from the confines of an air-conditioned communications hub — his car
  • How gullible we are about clean energy (and interplanetary travel)
  • Gambling (describing a field trip to see if actual gamblers bear any resemblance to the ecstatic partiers of the commercials)
  • Getting over the past — fast
  • The benefits of celebrating New Year’s on August 1
  • Giving olive trees (and peace) a proper chance

Interesting, insightful, and entertaining. These are just three words to describe Jim Campbell’s columns. Each one is brilliantly conceived and written with conviction: You’ll find many an important message — and lots of good laughs — throughout.
—WILLIAM ROEBUCK, Editor-in-Chief, Home Digest

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