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Tim Cork

TIM CORK is also the author of Tapping the Iceberg: Achieve Straight A’s in Life Through Attitude, Aptitude, and Action. He is an inspirational speaker, consultant, and coach who educates, entertains, and shares his wisdom with thousands every year. Tim Cork’s career spans thirty years in the hi-tech, commercial real estate, and communications industries, where he held progressively senior positions with such companies as Xerox, Regus, TCS Telecom, and NEXCareer. Through his company, Straight A’s Inc., he provides leadership training, coaching, and sales training.

G3: The Gift of You, Leadership, and Netgiving

Give, Give, and Give again — that is Tim Cork’s formula for personal and professional success. The first gift is to you — when you get really good at you, everyone around you benefits. The second is leadership — the gift of raising other people’s game. And the third is netgiving — connecting with others to help them succeed. As the author puts it, “netgiving takes the work out of networking.” G3 is as practical and wise as it is entertaining and inspirational.

G3’s simple, powerful lessons will make a difference in your life.”
—MARIO GOSSELIN, COO, Kruger Products
G3 provides important new insights into how each of us can more effectively utilize
the talents we have to better communicate, influence, and connect with others.” 

—BLAKE GOLDRING, Chairman and CEO, AGF Management Limited
and Founder of Canada Company

“This book offers readers an opportunity to develop their own blueprint for great success.”
—BOB COURTEAU, CEO, Altus Group Limited


$24.95 CAD / $24.95 USD / £16.55 GBP

328 pages

ISBN 978-1-927483-45-9

Available now from: (U.S.) (Canada) (UK)