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Sarah McVanel

With roots in humanistic psychology, Sarah McVanel uses the mediums of coaching, facilitation, and training to help individuals, teams, and organizations leverage their existing gifts and talents to reach their full potential. She has evolved her style through her training to be a human resources, organizational development, and coaching professional and through various specialist and leadership roles in the public sector. Most recently Sarah left a senior leadership role to start her own business, Greatness Magnified, giving her more time to write and continue to grow her professional speaking career.

Brenda Zalter-Minden

Brenda Zalter-Minden is the Founder of FROG – Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness™ – and the Principal and Founder of BZM Solutions, which helps organizations, teams, and individuals flourish using a solution-focused approach. Her passion for this line of work grew during her ten-year employment in healthcare as an internal consultant. She has gained a wealth of experience over the last twenty-six years in various capacities. Her areas of specialization include leadership, management, team building, coaching, facilitating, and creating workshops. Brenda, who was trained by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer, has taught postgraduate students part-time for Toronto Advanced Professional Education (T.A.P.E), Faculty of Social Work, Continuing Education, affiliated with the University of Toronto, as well as for the Adler Learning Centre.

Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness

Solution-Focused Strategies for Satisfied Staff, High-Performing Teams, and Healthy Bottom Lines

Sarah McVanel and Brenda Zalter-Minden


According to countless engagement surveys and polls, the majority of employees today want to feel more valued and to contribute in more meaningful ways. The results of disengagement are devastating: Top talent is considering or acting on their exit plan. Employees who remain are blocked from giving their talents, passions, and virtues to their workplace. Organizations are failing to satisfy their customers and are missing opportunities to innovate and keep their business viable.
It doesn’t have to be this way. In this book, based on their new recognition approach, FROG™ – Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness – Sarah McVanel and Brenda Zalter-Minden show what happens when leaders and employees pay close attention to the essential greatness within themselves and one another:
Employees, no matter what their skill set and across every industry, are motivated to leverage their skills and passion

  • Teams flourish
  • Top talent is retained
  • And the mission of the organization is achieved

Using numerous examples of success from their consulting work, the authors call for a revolutionary approach to recognition that:

  • Is solution-focused, affirming what is already working for each and every person rather than emphasizing failures and problems
  • Imagines best possible scenarios for individuals, teams, and organizations
  • Sets a strengths-based plan for individuals, with clear next steps
  • Becomes a continuous process in which everyone contributes to the humanity of their workplace one positive intent at a time

$24.95 CAD / $18.95 USD

194 pages

ISBN : 978-1-77236-025-7

Available now from: (U.S.) (Canada) (United Kingdom)