Ray Pons

Ray Pons is a keynote speaker and strategic business coach on issues of personal leadership and organizational effectiveness. He was born in Southport, a seaside town near Liverpool, England, and now lives in Newmarket, Ontario. In addition to being a keynote speaker on issues of Leadership, Interpersonal Excellence, and Life Balance, Ray is co-owner of The Growth Coach, Newmarket, Ontario, which helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed men and women dramatically grow their businesses and achieve greater joy, freedom, and fulfillment in their lives.

Finding My Way

And How You Can Find Yours
Ray Pons


Finding My Way is a straight-to-the-heart, no-nonsense book with well-timed hits to the funny bone. Enjoyable and truly inspiring.”
– Bob Gray, CSP, HoF, Memory Edge Corporation

The true-life story of how one man moved from the trials of employment to the triumphs of self-employment.

After a boyhood in northern England, Ray Pons winged his way to the Great White North (a.k.a. Canada) to pursue his dreams. Or were they fantasies?

He did well – more than well – as a sales manager, insurance salesman, and reinsurance executive, but somehow happiness never stepped out to greet him. He was easily bored, losing motivation, momentum – and eventually the jobs themselves.

Then, after a few fits and starts, and with the moral support of his wife, Marva, he said goodbye once and for all to a regular paycheck and hello to life as a business owner.

Here he tells his story with great honesty and practical wisdom, offering tips for how you can find your way in work and life.

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180 pages

ISBN 978-0-9809231-3-1

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