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Mary K. Armstrong

Mary K. Armstrong is one of Canada’s most accomplished trauma therapists. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from the School of Social Work, University of Toronto, and has trained extensively in the techniques of Focusing and EMDR. Mary lives in Toronto.

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Confessions of a
Trauma Therapist

A Memoir of Healing and Transformation
Mary K. Armstrong

TO HER SURPRISE, dismay, and eventually relief, Mary Armstrong, a therapist with over thirty years of experience helping people heal from childhood trauma, uncovered her own history of child sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather and father. As she tells her harrowing but heroic tale, she casts light as never before on the issue of repressed memories and the invisible wounds left by childhood trauma.


“Trauma therapist Mary K. Armstrong embarks on an illuminating journey into her own secret past and emerges with a renewed sense of personal authenticity and joy in helping others.”
 Sylvia Fraser, author of My Father’s House: A Memoir of Incest and Healing

“A brilliant, heartbreaking, and inspiring account of a child’s tragedy and a woman’s persistent growth toward light, knowledge, truth, and strength. Never has the human spirit shone through more passionately.”
 Judy Steed, author of Our Little Secret: Child Sexual Abuse


$24.95 CAD / $24.95 USD / £15.95 GBP

242 pages

ISBN 978-1-926645-19-3

Available now from: (U.S.) (Canada) (UK)