Penelope Williams

Penelope Williams is an award-winning author and editor who lives near Westport, Ontario. She has been active in the breast cancer community, writing on the subject for magazines, including Homemaker’s, and speaking at awareness and education events. She is also the author of That Other Place: A Personal Account of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer

Biography of an Illness
Penelope Williams


“… empowering, informative and unforgettable …”
– Sally Armstrong, author of Veiled Threat: The Hidden Power of the Women of Afghanistan

“… a gift of hope …”
– Maureen Manningham, Breast Cancer Action

Nicole phoned very early one morning from her hospital bed. It was still dark, a February darkness that held no promise of spring, or even of light.

“I’ve joined your club, Pen,” she said.

The club, of course, was breast cancer, a club that is becoming less and less exclusive. It will accept anyone as a member, and not one, not a single one, ever wanted to join.

Breast Cancer: Biography of an Illness is a book for women diagnosed with breast cancer who suddenly find themselves facing a multitude of personal decisions – and for anyone who has been touched by the malevolent mystery of the disease. A breast cancer survivor herself, Penelope Williams has filled this gritty, honest book with information, research, stories, and hard-won personal insights so crucial to living with – and living past – breast cancer.

$24.95 USD / $24.95 CAD / £16.95 GBP

300 pages

ISBN 9780980923155