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Danny Pehar

Having to wear his older sisters’ clothes to school because his parents felt that saving a few bucks was worth his utter humiliation, Danny Pehar learned to get through tough times by putting a comical spin on things. Danny began his corporate life by taking an entry-level job so entry level he was told he needed to be promoted just to reach the bottom. Working his way up from underneath the bottom, he has sold and worked on multimillion-dollar projects as an entry-level employee, a manager, a director and an entrepreneur. In addition to his business success, he is also a mixed martial arts enthusiast, a children’s book author and a stand-up comedian with fans in Canada, Australia, Europe and the United States. Whether he has succeeded as a champion or taken a brutal beating, Danny has a story to tell that will make you laugh, make you think and make you awesome!

VIDEO: Danny Pehar discusses Awesome at Being Awesome on CP24

VIDEO: Danny Pehar shows readers how to strengthen and balance their mind, body and soul with a comedic twist. (Global TV)

VIDEO: Author and comedian Danny Pehar releases new book. (Breakfast Television)

Awesome at Being Awesome

A Self-Help Book for People Who Hate Self-Help Books
Danny Pehar


When you were a kid you dreamed of building spaceships and being a superhero. Everything was magic, everything was awesome. But then you suffered disappointments: weight issues, relationship problems, money troubles, career troubles. Eventually the impossible was no longer possible. You lost your awesome.

But what if you could get it back? You can. Through funny, informative and inspiring stories from his life and work experience, Danny Pehar shows how strengthening one aspect of the three main parts of your life – mind, body and soul – will help you strengthen and balance the others.

And the results? You will learn to do an awesome amount of awesome things – from weight management to career management, from saving money to saving relationships, from building the perfect résumé to building the perfect speech, from getting through the toughest job interview to getting through the toughest day.

“Danny is a good boy.” –Danny’s dad

“This book is awesome.” –Danny’s friends

“Danny has great hair.” –Anonymous (but probably Danny)

“This book is better than the last one you read.” –Danny’s sure someone said this

“This book is better than ice cream.” –Danny’s almost positive he heard this one guy say this

“This book is like a hug, combined with a high five and a GPS through life.” –Someone really cool said this

“You know that helpful friend that comes over and is funny, easy to listen to, gives great advice and tells good stories? That’s what this book is.” – Someone very insightful said this

“You are already awesome. Now learn how to be awesome at being awesome!” –Danny Pehar


$16.95 USD / $20 CAD

162 pages

ISBN 978-1-77236-028-8

Available now from: (Can) (US) (UK)