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Beth Kaplan

Beth Kaplan‘s book about her great-grandfather,Finding the Jewish Shakespeare: The Life and Legacy of Jacob Gordon , was hailed by famed playwright Tony Kushner as “witty, shrewd and elegant.” For years a professional actress, she now teaches memoir and essay writing at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University; in 2012 she was given University of Toronto ‘ s Excellence in Teaching Award.

All My Loving was featured in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. The article is available at Beth Kaplan’s blog, Born to Blog.

All My Loving: Coming of Age with Paul McCartney in Paris

Beth Kaplan

A memoir of the vibrant mid-Sixties that illuminates both the real life and powerful imagination of an articulate Beatlemaniac spending a lonely year in Paris. In a series of poignant and humorous fantasies about her romance with Paul McCartney, a young Beth Kaplan writes her way into adolescence, the dawning of sexual awareness and the world of real boys.

“ The child with the Beatles fixation finds her way deep into the reader’s heart.”
—WAYSON CHOY, author of The Jade Peony and other books

“ Lovely writing — very revealing and very moving.”
—SUZETTE COUTURE, award-winning screenwriter/producer

“ All My Loving is honest, evocative, beautifully written and very funny.”
—ROSEMARY SHIPTON, co-founder of Ryerson University’s Publishing Program

“ The gorgeous, heartfelt memoir of a lonely, imaginative girl growing up in 1964 with the Beatles as the soundtrack of her life.”
—LAUREL CROZA, award-winning writer

“ Kaplan’s very rich portrait of a family and a time draws us inside her years as a misunderstood outsider.”
—JIM PURDY, screenwriter/director/producer

$21.95 USD / CAD / £14.50 GBP

252 pages

ISBN 978-1-927483-81-7

Available now from: (U.S.) (Canada) (UK)