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Hellen Buttigieg and Sari Brandes

Hellen Buttigieg, CPO®, of Oakville, Ontario, is a Certified Professional Organizer, a life coach, and the president of We Organize U. She is best known as the television host of a popular decluttering makeover show. hellenbuttigieg.com Sari Brandes, M.Ed., of Los Angeles, is a coach, speaker and educational consultant. She has spoken at conferences internationally, including the National…

Eric McLuhan and Wayne Constantineau

The late Wayne Constantineau was a mime and scholar who left behind him, at his death in 2006, his studies on mime and the insights of Marshall McLuhan. Eric McLuhan, who is bringing these studies to fruition in The Human Equation Toolkit, is also the author of Laws of Media(written with Marshall McLuhan), Electric Language, and The Role of Thunder…

Eleanor Passailaigue

Eleanor Passailaigue was born in Jamaica and moved to Toronto, Canada, in 1953. Her early childhood is depicted as part of this book. Donnie Passailaigue, the boy she fell in love with as a teenager, is still at her side. In 1966, Eleanor and Donnie went back to Jamaica with their two daughters, returning to Toronto…

Dr. Brian W. Hands

BRIAN W. HANDS, MD, FRCS(C), leads Vox Cura – Voice Care Specialists, a medical voice centre in Toronto. He is a long-time voice consultant for the Canadian Opera Company, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Mirvish Productions, and major record labels. For voice care tips, and advice visit the Vox Cura blog. Visit the Vox Cura site here.

Douglas Farrow

Douglas Farrow is associate professor of Christian Thought at McGill University in Montreal. He is the editor of Recognizing Religion in a Secular Society and co-editor, with Daniel Cere, of Divorcing Marriage.

Doug Robbins

DOUG ROBBINS started Robbinex Inc. nearly forty years ago and is one of North America’s most experienced and accomplished business intermediaries. He and his team work with business owners to find smart, creative, tax-saving, and liberating ways to restructure or sell their business on their way to a well-deserved retirement.


DOONE ESTEY, BA, MA, is a Certified Adlerian Parent Educator. She is in demand as an expert parenting speaker, giving school courses, corporate talks, and conference keynotes. Aside from being a Principal of Parenting Network, she does private parent consulting and is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Family Education Section of the North American Society of Adlerian…

Donna McCaw

Donna McCaw (B.A., M.Ed.) retired at age fifty-four after a career in education and counseling at high schools and colleges and with Adult Education programs. She is a speaker and workshop presenter on Retirement Readiness, Retirement Planning for Women, and other topics. Her writing and presentations are straightforward, down to earth, and accessible as well as spirited…

Donna Kirk

Donna Kirk is also the author of short stories, which have been published in The Daily American, Ars Medica, CommuterLit, and The Quick Brown Fox. She lives with her husband, Ed, in Oakville, Ontario. Visit Donna Kirk’s blog here.

Donald N. Bastian

Donald N. Bastian, bishop emeritus of the Free Methodist Church of North America, is widely regarded as an inspired preacher, wise overseer of the church, and outstanding writer. Throughout his ministry he has spoken with particular urgency on the biblical vision of marriage and the family. His own vision is informed by a unique blend…

Dolly Beil

Dolly Beil is a writer and speaker. After immigrating to Canada, in 1952, she owned and managed a successful jewellery and antique store, importing jade and other artefacts from China. She lives in Toronto.


DIANE TAYLOR is the author of the memoir The Perfect Galley Book: Yarns, Recipes and Tips from the Heart of the Ship and has published non-fiction stories in Canadian Yachting, Cruising World, The Journal of Palliative Care, Ontario Out of Doors, and other magazines and newspapers. She has recorded oral histories, and ghostwritten memoirs for elders. For more than fifteen years she…

David Peck

David Peck is a Canadian magician, academic, and writer who is active in the academic, entertainment, and international development sectors. Peck is the Founder of SoChange, a regular contributor to Rabble.ca, and a lecturer at Humber College in Hamilton, Ontario. He received his master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Guelph in 2004. Peck…

David Patchell-Evans

David Patchell-Evans is the founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness Clubs. He is also the founder of the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals.

David Cravit

David Cravit is the author of Beyond Age Rage and The New Old. He has over 35 years’ experience in advertising and marketing management in North America and is currently Vice President of ZoomerMedia Limited. Visit David Cravit’s website, davidcravit.com.

Darlene Chrissley

Darlene Chrissley is a writer, speaker, and professional coach. She works with individuals and organizations across North America and Europe, teaches at Adler International Learning, and writes a popular blog about living with creativity and imagination, one day at a time. www.darlenechrissley.com

Danny Pehar

Having to wear his older sisters’ clothes to school because his parents felt that saving a few bucks was worth his utter humiliation, Danny Pehar learned to get through tough times by putting a comical spin on things. Danny began his corporate life by taking an entry-level job so entry level he was told he…

Cynthia Reyes

Cynthia Reyes has published non-fiction stories in Arabella Magazine, one of the fastest-growing magazines in the United States and Canada, as well as in the Globe and Mail and Toronto Life. Reyes is a former journalist and executive producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. More than a hundred episodes of her programs have appeared on network television. She is the…

Cy Charney

Cy Charney, the President of Charney and Associates Inc., is a leading consultant in the area of organizational performance. He has private and public sector clients across every industry, including a number of Fortune 500 companies and government departments around the world. He is associated with the Schulich School of Business at York University and…

Colin Zvaniga

Colin Zvaniga is the Chief Information Officer of the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC). He has more than 15 years of experience leading technology operations and initiatives across large-scale, complex, international organizations — and has successfully built high-performance teams in many sectors.

Chris Bye

Chris Bye is president of Franczak Enterprises Ltd., a product marketing company serving the automotive sector, based in Toronto and St. Catharines, Ontario, and in Troy, Michigan.

Cathrine Ann

Cathrine Ann heads Consumer Connection Inc., a leading customer service monitoring firm where she provides contract work for thousands, she speaks to audiences internationally. She has won numerous entrepreneurial awards including the prestigious YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Entrepreneur/ Innovator.   Listen to Cathrine Ann’s interview with Australia’s ABC radio Cathrine Ann interview Brisbane Writers…


CATHERINE HAWLEY is an entrepreneur and freelance writer who lives in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, with her faithful dog Jessie. She is working on her next book, about parents’, children’s, and health care professionals’ experiences of adverse effects in health care. www.TheFightofOurLife.ca

Brady G. Wilson

Brady G. Wilson is, undisputedly, the embodiment of focused energy. As co-founder of Juice Inc., Brady’s vision is to create a world where businesses pulsate with creative energy. For 20+ years, he has inspired and energized leaders, managers, and frontline workers in many of North America’s Fortune 500 companies. His passion for creating breakthroughs for companies…

Brady G. Wilson

Brady G. Wilson,  a renowned speaker, trainer, and consultant, is the co-founder of Juice Inc., a solution provider for leaders who want to boost their organizational energy levels and employee engagement. He has unleashed profitable results for leaders, managers, and sales professionals in many of North America’s Fortune 500 companies. His passion for creating breakthroughs…

Bob McCulloch and Julia Gluck

Bob McCulloch, FCMC, helps senior executives and managers strengthen their creativity and strategic thinking. Over the past 30 years, he has worked with executive teams in virtually every industry sector. Prior to launching his own firm, CYOR Inc., he held positions with IBM Canada, the DMR Group, and Johnston Smith International.   Julia Gluck, FCMC,…

Beth Kaplan

Beth Kaplan‘s book about her great-grandfather,Finding the Jewish Shakespeare: The Life and Legacy of Jacob Gordon , was hailed by famed playwright Tony Kushner as “witty, shrewd and elegant.” For years a professional actress, she now teaches memoir and essay writing at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University; in 2012 she was given University of…

Benjamin Halpern

Benjamin Halpern, MSW, LCSW, is President of the F.A.S.T. Center for Personal Development in Lakewood, New Jersey, and the developer of the Staying on Track … One Step at a Time program for dealing with anxiety and stress. He is an experienced business professional and licensed social worker who is passionate about applying his skills…

Arthur Labatt

Arthur Labatt is the great-grandson of brewery founder John Kinder Labatt.  Labatt’s career took a decidedly different turn from his expectations of working in the family brewery. He ultimately made his mark in the business community as a co-founder of the hugely successful mutual fund company Trimark Investment Management Inc.

Art Horn

Art Horn is also the author of Beyond Ego: Influential Leadership Starts Within; Face It: Recognizing and Conquering the Hidden Fear That Drives All Conflict at Work; and Skills for Sales Success. He is the founder and president of HORN, a company that influences the skills of people and organizations to transform their results. Numbering among HORN’s more than…

Anne Coleman

Anne Coleman grew up in the Toronto neighborhood of Forest Hill and the small town of North Hatley in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. She received a B.A. from McGill University and an M.A. in English from Bishop’s University. She taught for five years at Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s School in Montreal and then…

Alan May

Alan May is an entrepreneur and sailor. He was inspired to write Coincidence after his own daughter sailed the high seas as part of the Class Afloat high school program.