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William D. Gairdner

William D. Gairdner, Ph.D., is a former Olympic athlete and professor of English, and the bestselling author of seven books, including The Trouble with Canada and The Trouble with Democracy. Most recently he was the managing editor of Canada’s Founding Debates. Read about William Gairdner and Oh, Oh, Canada! in the National Post, and at Western Standard

Wayne Vanwyck

Wayne Vanwyck, author of the bestseller Pure Selling™, is the founder of The Achievement Centre International, The Vanwyck Corporation, Callright Marketing Services, and The Achievement Centre Franchise Inc. He lives near Waterloo, Ontario. Visit Wayne Vanwyck’s blog at www.thebusinesstransitioncrisis.com

Victor Shepherd

Victor A. Shepherd, an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada, teaches theology and philosophy at Tyndale University College & Seminary, Toronto. He also teaches frequently at graduate-level institutions throughout Canada and isProfessor Ordinarius, University of Oxford. Shepherd is the author of The Committed Self: An Introduction to Existentialism for Christians,Mercy Immense and Free: Essays…

Tracy Smyth and Tammy Dewar

Tracy Smyth has spent fifteen years helping individuals and communities articulate and achieve their goals for better social health. She facilitated and implemented the British Columbia program Make Children First. Tammy Dewar, through her “hands on” education in the areas of poverty, addictions, and advocacy, facilitates teams using collective, creative, and inclusive programs. The authors both…

Tony Altilia

Tony Altilia retired from corporate life at 57 after working for over thirty years for multinational advertising agencies, including Leo Burnett in the US and Canada. Tony started his career in brand management at the Campbell Soup Company and later helped champion brands Procter and Gamble, Kraft, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Reebok, and others. The father of three…

Tim Cork

TIM CORK is also the author of Tapping the Iceberg: Achieve Straight A’s in Life Through Attitude, Aptitude, and Action. He is an inspirational speaker, consultant, and coach who educates, entertains, and shares his wisdom with thousands every year. Tim Cork’s career spans thirty years in the hi-tech, commercial real estate, and communications industries, where he…

Ted Cadsby

Ted Cadsby, MBA, CFA, ICD.D, is a corporate director, consultant, best-selling author and researcher, writer and speaker on complexity and decision making. As the former executive vice president of Retail Distribution at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, he led 18,000 employees in banking and wealth management services. He also served as President and CEO…

Syd and Ellen Kessler

Syd and Ellen Kessler live in Toronto, where Syd, a renowned advertising executive and the author of The Perfect System, is an investor and mentor in new businesses and Ellen is an elementary-school science teacher.

Susan Sommers and Theresa Dugwell

Susan Sommers got serious about fitness in her late 50s and went on to complete two marathons and ten half-marathons. She is an author and expert in marketing who has spoken at universities and conferences, Lululemon Athletica and Running Room retail outlets, and fitness retreats. Theresa Dugwell completed 19 marathons in the last 18 years. She operates PsyMetrics…

Steve Hirsch

Steve Hirsch, MD CCFP FCFP, practices family medicine near Toronto and is a lecturer in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Hirsch is passionate about leading a healthy life, which for him includes exercise, proper diet, and daily mindfulness meditation. Besides being an avid cyclist, he has run…

Steve Harden

Steve Harden is a Memphis-based author, speaker, safety consultant, and airline captain. He is the founder and president of Lifewings — a team of physicians, nurses, pilots, and safety system experts that teaches health care organizations how to eliminate medical mistakes.

Stephen A. McAllister

Rev. Dr. Stephen A. McAllister is the founder of Spirit Renewal Ministries, which is devoted to transforming lives and renewing communities. He is a minister with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies of Canada and has served as a minister of the United Church of Canada. Stephen is a graduate of the Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry…

Stéfan Danis

Stéfan Danis is the CEO of Mandrake and NEXCareer. He and his wife and two daughters live in Toronto.

Sheeba Varghese

Sheeba Varghese is a whirlwind of activity—an entrepreneur, single mom, and first-generation Indo-Canadian who has made it to the top of her field as an executive coach. In the past ten years she has reshaped the concept of executive coaching, grown her company Forward Focus Inc., and launched the Internet show More Focus TV. She was…

Shawn Whatley

Shawn Whatley, MD, is a seasoned physician leader with experience in emergency medicine and primary care. His passion for challenging accepted thinking and offering solutions started in emergency medicine at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. He served there as Interim Medical Director and then Physician Leader of the Emergency Services Program from…

Sarah McVanel

With roots in humanistic psychology, Sarah McVanel uses the mediums of coaching, facilitation, and training to help individuals, teams, and organizations leverage their existing gifts and talents to reach their full potential. She has evolved her style through her training to be a human resources, organizational development, and coaching professional and through various specialist and…

Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Sarah Chana Radcliffe holds a master of education degree in psychology and is a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. She has a busy private practice in marital, family, and individual counseling and has been conducting parenting workshops, lectures, and seminars locally and internationally for more than 25 years. She has written five…

Roger White

Prior to a twenty-five-year career in federal government communications and media relations, Roger White was a reporter/editor with weekly and daily Ontario newspapers. He is married and lives in Ottawa, where he is hard at work on the next book in his Capital Crime series.  

Robert G. W. Langmaid

Robert G.W. Langmaid is a minister in the Anglican Diocese of Yukon, the fourth member of the past five generations of his family to be a member of the Anglican clergy.

Richard Manieri

Long before writing We Burn on Friday, Richard Manieri spent the majority of his fifteen-year career in TV news as a reporter at the Fox affiliate in Philadelphia. During this time he won both Emmy and Associated Press awards for reporting. He later joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia as Spokesman and Director of Public…

Richard Knight

Richard Knight has a wealth of international experience in the world of finance. He lives in Ancaster, Ontario. Visit Richard Knight’s website.

Raymond M. Robinson

A multilayered memoir of a life well lived, told in words that are informative, entertaining, funny, and truly inspiring.

Ray Pons

Ray Pons is a keynote speaker and strategic business coach on issues of personal leadership and organizational effectiveness. He was born in Southport, a seaside town near Liverpool, England, and now lives in Newmarket, Ontario. In addition to being a keynote speaker on issues of Leadership, Interpersonal Excellence, and Life Balance, Ray is co-owner of The…

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is a recent university graduate. He has written two screenplays and has just completed his second novel. Defenseless is his first published work.

Penelope Williams

Penelope Williams is an award-winning author and editor who lives near Westport, Ontario. She has been active in the breast cancer community, writing on the subject for magazines, including Homemaker’s, and speaking at awareness and education events. She is also the author of That Other Place: A Personal Account of Breast Cancer.

Paul Flaman

Paul Flaman is an associate professor of Christian theology, St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta. He is also the author of Genetic Engineering: Christian Values and Catholic Teaching(Paulist Press). Vist Paul Flaman’s website here.

Paul Clark

Paul Clark, along with his wife, Marty, has worked for Scripture Union since 1969, first as a volunteer and then on staff. He is now the administrative director of Scripture Union in Peru.

Paul Born

Paul Born is a master storyteller who infuses his work, relationships, community, and life with the magic of conversation. He is internationally recognized for his innovative approaches to community building. Paul is president and cofounder of Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement. He is also the founding chair of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network,…

Patricia McConkey

Patricia McConkey has blended her colorful imagination and expertise in recycling and the environment to write this fast-paced, action-packed enviro thriller. Her business, Wastaway Services Canada, promotes technology that converts municipal waste into a clean fuel, reducing the need for fossil fuels and preventing many of the harmful effects of landfills. McConkey earned a Bachelor of…

P. Bruce Hunter

P. BRUCE HUNTER is President and CEO of Lighthouse 360, an advisory firm that helps business leaders unlock operational insights critical to their business and personal success. He works with business owners, corporations, and teams to accelerate their transition to higher-performance organizations. Prior to his current role, he led Kraft Canada’s $1.5 billion of retail brands…

Nick Forrest

NICK FORREST founded Forrest & Company Limited in 1987, a firm that specializes in executive management coaching and organizational transformation. Before that, he spent twenty-five years in progressively senior line-management and staff roles in food manufacturing and retailing organizations in the UK and in Canada.

Michael G. Simonson

Michael G. Simonson, a former carded athlete on Canada’s national rowing team, retired in 2003 after winning double silver at the Pan-American Games. Today Michael is Head Coach of the Senior Competitive Program at the Calgary Rowing Club. He also oversees all aspects of competitive rowing in Alberta as the Provincial Technical Director of the…

Michael A. Lobraico, Jonathan Isaacs, Mitchell Singer

Michael A. Lobraico is president of the Family Business Counsel of Canada. A former president of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprises, he is a facilitator, executive coach, and mediator. Jonathan Isaacs is an executive member of the FBCC team. He is a founding member of Sabre Insurance Group. Mitchell Singer is a lawyer with experience and expertise…

Mary K. Armstrong

Mary K. Armstrong is one of Canada’s most accomplished trauma therapists. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from the School of Social Work, University of Toronto, and has trained extensively in the techniques of Focusing and EMDR. Mary lives in Toronto. Visit Mary K. Armstrong’s blog.

Margaret Kopala

A graduate of the University of Alberta, Ottawa writer Margret Kopala has worked in Canadian feature film and British television production, the latter mostly for the BBC while living in London, England. Her more recent work in public policy analysis and advocacy was interrupted when she lost money in the 2008 stock market crash. Compelled to find…

Mal Coven

Mal Coven, the son of Jewish immigrants from the Russian empire, grew up in Mattapan, a working-class neighbourhood of Boston. His education in business began with his father, a custom peddler who walked door to door and floor to floor, selling merchandise and extending credit to fellow immigrants in Boston. He is a graduate of the…

Lois Scouten

Lois Scouten is a graduate of Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. Her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees, earned at that university, focused on English, Latin, and classical literature. She has taught English and Latin to high school students and English as a second language to adult immigrants. Scouten, who lives in Toronto, Canada, is…

Lance Osborne

LANCE OSBORNE is Founder and Chairman of the Lannick Group of Companies, a successful recruitment firm specializing in professional accountants. Over his 30-year career he has developed a commonsense approach to sales that anyone can put to work right away. Many of the people Lance has trained have gone on to become top performers in…

Kurt Rosetreter

Acting as a “Family CFO,”Kurt Rosentreter takes the stress out of managing money, helping Canadians make decisions in light of their goals and dreams. Kurt is a Senior Financial Advisor and Insurance Agent at a major financial-services firm in Toronto.  

Ken Norquay

Ken Norquay is Director and Chief Market Strategist of CastleMoore Inc., an investment portfolio management company. He holds the designation of Chartered Market Technician (CMT). Norquay crafts a defensive investment strategy by combining technical analysis with the mental disciplines and knowledge of human nature provided by the Eastern philosophies.

Keith G. Richards

Keith G. Richards owns and operates Value Trend Wealth Management (under the aegis of Worldsource Securities Inc.), where he is a discretionary Portfolio Manager for high-net-worth clients. Keith is certified as a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), the benchmark designation for Technical Analysts. He is also an accredited Certified Investment Manager (CIM). Keith, who has been in…

Kathryn MacKenzie

Kathryn MacKenzie is an award-winning speaker and certified world class speaking coach and presentation skills instructor. She came to the world of public speaking after many years as a classroom teacher, education consultant, and college instructor. Her aim in life is to help others magnify their magnificence by developing superb speaking skills.

Kathleen Gibson

Kathleen Gibson has written for media worldwide and is former editor of Prairies North, Saskatchewan’s magazine for good prairie living. Read about West Nile Diary in the news. Pay a visit to Kathleen Gibson’s website.

Jon Barnard Gilmore

Jon Barnard Gilmore, Ph.D., is also the author of In Cold Pursuit: Medical Intelligence Examines the Common Cold. Prior to retiring he taught Introductory Psychology to thousands of appreciative students at the University of Toronto. In 1987 he was named Canadian Professor of the Year. He was educated at Stanford and Yale Universities and for thirty…

Jim Campbell

JIM CAMPBELL is a retired pastor and an employed writer. He lives in Oakville, Ontario. Click here to visit his blog.

Jim Beqaj

Jim Beqaj is the Founder of Beqaj International Inc., a company that provides the strategic delivery of recruiting, consulting, and coaching services to individuals and companies worldwide. Visit Jim Beqaj’s blog here.

Jerry Kobalenko

Jerry Kobalenko is one of the world’s premier Arctic travelers. His writing and photography appear in such magazines as Condé Nast Traveler, Canadian Geographic, and Outside. When he is not on an extreme journey, he lives in Canmore, Alberta, with his fellow adventurer and wife, Alexandra. Visit Jerry Kobalenko’s website here.

Jan Hatanaka

Dr. Jan Hatanaka’s approach to grief and reconciliation is informed by: her personal experience; her extensive academic research on the universality of grief and loss; and her in-depth discussions with hundreds of individuals willing to recount their personal stories. The founder of Grief Reconciliation International Inc., she holds positions at York University, Toronto, in the Department…

James T. Harris

JAMES T. HARRIS is a cosmologist, successful businessman, and self-taught chemist. He was born in Montreal, worked in Northern Ontario, and now lives in London, Ontario. Harris has a broad range of interests, including collecting art, quantum physics, flying as a private pilot, ice hockey, and piano, which he learned to play as an adult.…


ISOBEL SPRINGETT is a professional photographer and equestrian based in Lake Louise, Alberta. She has documented the unlikely love story of Kate and Pippin for over two years.   MARTIN SPRINGETT is Isobel’s brother, an author, illustrator, and musician who has won many awards for his picture book illustrations. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.